Well, it’s time to organize your attic. So you open your attic and what do you see? Boxes, crates, luggage, clothes, furniture, bags, toys, and coolers. Those are just the items that aren’t hidden in the back. You don’t know where to start. So you shut the door. This is a common occurrence.

Here are a few tips to get your attic organized:

  • Create an Organizational Structure
  • Once you have a basic layout for what goes where create an organizational structure. If you have a lot of costumes or clothes, for instance, that might mean setting up a closet bar. If you’re a decorating nut with seasonal items for every month of the year, buy organizational bins to manage the mess.
  • If you’re moving or need temporary housing during a remodel, consider renting some storage space for the time being. A storage unit is a perfect place to put your possessions while you install new floors and drywall, or to keep your things organized while you execute a move. If you need the extra space, don’t hesitate to avail yourself of your options.

It’s also helpful to plan for future clean-outs. How and when will you revisit your attic? What signs will you look for when deciding to do another overhaul? Keep a list of any small attic ideas you’d like to try later, and make a commitment to yourself to help you avoid the distress that comes with leaving a space too long unaddressed.